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Who Are We?
The Spirit of Afre-Kh!
Board of Trustees
Ms. Michelle Joseph
Mr. Runoko Rashidi
Professor Niyi Coker
Ms. Ronke Babalola
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Origins of the name of AFRE-KH
The name Afre-Kh or Kh-Afre, simply means the "Kh of Ophir" or "Spirit of Africa". The origin of Afer may either come from the Phoenician word `afar, meaning 'dust'; or named after the Afri, a Berber ethnic group who dwelt in North Africa in the Carthage area. In beliefs about the origins of man, some people believe that the first man was formed from dust by God. The name could also have come from the the Greek word aphrike, meaning 'without cold', or the Latin word aprica, meaning 'sunny'.

The Hebrew referred to the continent as "Auphirah" is usually written "Ophir", as seen in I Kings 9:28, where King Solomon sent sailors to "Ophir-Auphirah". I Kings 10:1 gave an account of the Queen of Ophirah-Africa who came to visit Solomon. This account most likely spoke of Hat-Sheba, the only Queen to have ruled over the territories of Egypt, Nubia, Sudan and Ethiopia.

The name Africa came into Western use through the Romans, who used the name Africa terra "land of the Afri" (plural, or "Afer" singular) for the northern part of the continent, as the province of Africa with its capital Carthage, corresponding to modern-day Tunisia.

Feel Nubia is positioned to be a catalyst for the emergence of the GLOBAL NUBIAN IDENTITY. We promote the CHIRICHI spirit and philosophy among people of African descent all around the world. CHIRICHI is an acronym for

Inspired by the work of eminent scholars and thinkers like Marcus Garvey, Clyde Winters, Runoko Rashidi and Ivan Van Sertima, we believe that if all the people of African descent in the world are too far-flung to unite into a physical nation, we will unite into a spiritual, ideological one.  The Australian aborigines, the Tamils, the Gonds, Mundas, Veddoids and Kolarins of Sri Lanka and South India need not be alone. With the help of modern media, we will rekindle the spirit of community and re-write the common destiny of people of African descent. We commit ourselves to motivating persons of African descent to be active in expressing their ‘inner Nubian’; to let flow the African spirit within; to be the change we each want to see in our Nubian communities, in our people. Let each one of us be the Africa we can be.

SPIRIT (n) means: A divine animating influence or inspiration; an attitude or principle that inspires or pervades thought, feeling, or action.  Synonyms: strength, courage, character, guts, fortitude, moral fiber, heart, mettle, chutzpah!

QUESTION: This is 2010. Does the world have time for this?  Are there not more pressing survival issues to pre-occupy the mind?

ANSWER: What is more pressing than the real threat of physical annihilation of a people through stylized political genocide? What else can occupy the mind when you have never had the luxury of self actualization, education, a decent home or job? There is no better time to speak up and stand up for who we are as a people; to speak up and stand up for those born in less opportune places and times; to help others find their voice, dignity and self-worth.

How do people find their way out of discrimination so institutionalized and embedded in culture that it is at once religious, spiritual and socio-economic? What can you do if you are labeled an untouchable, to have your dreams limited and stifled; your potential strangled to death at birth or lying undiscovered and withering within you? How do you escape a destiny dictated for you by others to whom your ways are alien and threatening?  Perhaps the global recession is just one more day in hell for those who have never known a better dawn. If we wait for our economies to be right, or our politics to be fair, help may come too late for some. It is time to get out of our elitist individualism, our civilized isolation and get back in touch with our inner collectivism.

The African community spirit has never been needed more and is precisely what will lift the world out of the current and future social, environmental and economic disasters. We must give people a sense of community, of being part of a greater whole no matter the crisis they face – global or local; a forum to sound the alarm on issues that we have become too selfish or elitist to care about; to vent our frustrations and fears (economic or otherwise) and find alternative fora for resolution than violence. Individualism played a huge role in the current global economic and ecological emergency. The African spirit of community points the way to our collective redemption.

We choose simple vehicles for the achievement of our aims: Personal stories and pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words, it is said. There are many ways to tell the world what you care about.  We think you should not only let us know what you care about, SHOW us. By all means, write about it. Better still, capture it on film. Videos, pictures on cameras, mobile phones are all welcome.  Use pictures to illustrate your point, to draw attention to the issues you care about. We however advocate self-censorship and restraint.  (See our Terms of Service).

Through this medium, the people of Afre-Kh show the world who we are. We define ourselves without apology, without pretence.

"Up! You mighty race. You can accomplish what you will!"

Marcus Garvey


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