Born to be a Billionaire?

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Born to be a Billionaire?
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Fifty-three billion dollars! That's how much Telecomms magnate Carlos Slim Helu the world’s richest man was worth when he topped Forbes' rich list in 2010. Fast forward to 2015: there are 1826 billionaires in the world, just 500 of them hold two thirds of the wealth and Bill Gates tops the list with a net worth of seventy-nine billion. So just how does a person put together that kind of personal net-worth? Can you do it? Take our test to see if you’ve got the billionaire gene!



Do You Possess a Sense of Unbounded Optimism even Against the odds?
Do you Think Big?
Have an insatiable Desire to Win?
Can You Tolerate and Manage Ambiguity?
Are You Willing To Make Tough Decisions For The Growth Of The Company?
Do You Like Speaking In Public?
Are You A Consensus Builder?
Can You Delegate?
Can You Deal with Isolation?
Are You Able to Bounce back Again and Again?


If you answered yes to all ten questions, you’ve got what it takes! You have all the qualities of the stratospherically wealthy.  Don’t believe it? Think you’ve crashed out already?  Hang on! To build value that lasts, it is a given that you must persevere.  “Anyone who claims to have built something of lasting value--be it a business, personal relationship or a body of critical knowledge--without suffering serious pain and disappointment is either a liar or dangerously naïve” – Forbes Magazine. At some point on your journey, you will stumble and fall. To succeed, we must persevere through failure, hardships and obstacles.

"People who are very successful have an incredible sense of optimism," says Joan Kane, a Manhattan psychologist who attends to high-powered executive clients. "They don't have the sense of limitations that most people have. There's no limit to their capacity to achieve and keep going. Age and family commitments don't deter them."
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that about 33% of start-up companies fail to make to their second year in business and less than half make it to their fourth, making entrepreneurs a group that is very familiar with failure. Those who make it are those who soldier past the challenges and keep going on. Here are some tips for making it out of the valleys.

1)    Overcome depression – ask for help, do whatever it takes
2)    Start over – somewhere, anywhere
3)    Work out anger constructively – take on a project – a charity project, a cause
4)    Face the music rather than hiding
5)    Meditate, pray, draw on spiritual strength
6)    Clear Your Head, Then double down
7)    Swallow your pride – ask for help
8)    Maintain course with your convictions
9)    Cut yourself a break
10)    Prove critics wrong

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