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In Search of Africa’s Lost Architecture
Respecting our culture, aesthetics and lifestyle
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The effervescent Okwumabua believes that the competition will act as a catalyst to resurrect traditional sciences of building construction on the Continent that have become dormant and are under threat of becoming extinct due to the ravages of apathy and un-mindful adoption of western technology. Another expected outcome is a reversal of the racist belief that everything African is substandard and not worthy of development or improvement.  'Just as there is a culture that is African, there is science that is African, technology that is African, and of course, architecture that is African' says Okwumabua.  She continued, 'The renaissance of traditional African building sciences can only be done by accepting, embracing, critiquing, developing and improving on our own appropriate technology and art.  If we would care enough to harness and develop the vast architectural potential inherent in Africa, Africa’s genius can be showcased in awesome modern ways, using contemporary technology to develop our local materials to develop world class, African-centred built environment'.

Winning designs from the Competition will be built and sold for families to enjoy as well as showcased at special architectural design-build expositions.  These events will be open to the public and typical African families, design professionals, as well as the international community.  Guests will experience the unique difference of buildings that were consciously designed to respect our culture, aesthetics, lifestyle, and buying power.  For themselves, the guests and those evaluating will be able to decide the value and positive impact of such design in their lives. Okwumabua envisions that the designs will be copied and built all over the continent, and even beyond Africa. This way, the much desired face lift for the African built environment will be achieved sooner, rather than much later.


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