UMOJA: The Spirit of Togetherness

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UMOJA: The Spirit of Togetherness
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From Russia to Canada, France, United Kingdom and the United States, Umoja’s 40-person cast has been sharing South Africa’s history and culture with the world. Audiences of all backgrounds find UMOJA delightful and exciting. Selected from across South African cultures, the sense of family within the cast is a thing of joy. Reviews have been consistently brilliant:


"This is REAL Africa!" - Sowetan, South Africa


" … well-choreographed dances, excellent footwork and… breathtakingly harmonious a capella numbers. The vocals, especially the solos, were to die for. This pulsating musical odyssey leaves you breathless, and your heart pounding for more.” - South China Morning Post

"They dance like Demons, sing like Angels and drum like Magicians possessed! … Enough energy to light up London. I defy anyone to leave this hit dance musical feeling anything less than elated." - Daily Telegraph, London


"This show delivers the goods, no matter how many times one sees it" - The Globe and Mail, Canada


"I have never seen such energy and grace on stage and the finale had the audience on their feet for standing ovation after standing ovation." - Irish World

Featuring pulsating drums and traditional dances such as the Venda snake dance; melodies of heartbreaking love songs of women waiting for their men to return from the mines, the Umoja performers display talent and precision being equally skilled in both dancing and singing. They never miss a note or a step as they take the audience through the jazz sounds and haunting reflections of gospel music that tell the tale of South Africa’s courage and faith in Apartheid’s darkest days, from the swinging music of Sophiatown to the explosive kwaito sounds.


Umoja has traveled from the dusty streets of Soweto all around the world re-enacting the history and evolution of South African culture and music, accompanied by beautiful costumes and impeccable choreography. AFRICA UMOJA is a loud, colorful and jubilant celebration of life that audiences from all backgrounds have found infectiously delightful and exciting.

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Written by Lola Balola

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