A Father's Tribute

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Sweet dreams, Dad…

After fulfilling labour, a life-time of finding and accomplishing your Lord’s will for your life, serving your people with a noble, humble warrior’s heart, you deserve your rest. You have earned it and your Father honored you with the painless, dignified passing you always wanted.

It was a privilege to be the seed of such a great man.  I learned and continue to learn much from you: Your commitment to the task at hand and hard work, your unlikely humility, prudence and accountability, your unrelenting valour in protecting those less endowed than yourself, your steadfast, non-vocalized love for your family, which you made sure to leave behind in the son of your heart…

You had your faults and some of them were glaring to those of us closest to you.  You put your people first and often served them at the expense of your family.  You thrust us out into the world when we were not sure we were ready to face it, but you stood at the door and kept watch, so that if we ran back, you could receive us.

Mum gave me your message.  I will obey it and we will do our best to keep her busy. We know you left her much to do so that the time would pass quickly.

I feel like I did not tell you enough.  I should have told you more often that I loved and respected you far beyond my duty because you EARNED it.  The Lord demonstrated much grace in causing me to be birthed by you and I am deeply grateful to Him for doing me the honor of knowing that you were on your way.  It prepared me somewhat, but having Him – the Everlasting Father, who neither dies nor goes out of service range – is the comfort that makes your passing bearable.  And oh, what true joy is the knowledge, the certainty that WE WILL SEE YOU AGAIN.  Sleep well, daddy.


Tribute to HRH Oba Albert Bamidele Oshin Omiyomade 1st, Elemure of Emure Ekiti

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 June 2012 14:36
Written by Ibironke Babalola

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