Old and Preggers - with Twins!

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Old and Preggers - with Twins!
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The Right to Mourn

This is a blog of my latest adventure.

22 July 2011 - 18.30

So, here I am.  It’s confirmed. It’s official.  I am registered in ante-natal classes. Why are they called classes by the way? No one teaches anything. You go in there, they poke at you, take samples of your body fluids for the lab and tell you to come back same time next week.  Everything I know about pregnancy, I read up myself.  No one taught me anything during any of those ‘classes’. Anyhoo, several years after my last baby, I am pregnant and this time I know it's for real.  A couple of years ago, doctors gave me the ‘I’ word: infertile. Secondary infertility, they called it.  How can a person who’s had children be considered infertile?  Apparently, if you have a few miscarriages after you had successfully carried a child to term, you are considered secondarily infertile.  I guess that’s better than being primarily infertile.


I am feeling okay. Boobs like over-ripened water melons and slight heart-burn but no nausea yet. I have been waiting for these babies for so long.  When I became pregnant with our first child, I KNEW I was going to have twin boys. I even picked out their names and confided in my best friend about it. That hope kind of faded after my girls. For one who would have been happy with one child, I had plenty and I was not madly hoping for more.  In fact, I had an IUD put in against my husband’s wishes. ‘Its not your body’ I grumbled under my breath. I felt my body deserved a break – especially if I was going to try again (only I was not so sure I wanted to go again).  Then my Father died and everything changed.  I just knew I had to have a son and then I heard it again: the quiet voice in my spirit that guides me.   So a couple of years later, I’m ready. Or am I?


I must admit I am a little concerned.  I know people who are 35 and have stopped having babies and also have friends who are still hoping for their first at 50.  I know the social culture among the elite that suggests that having more than three children is not cool and I have read all the stats about having babies over 40.  Been doing a lot of un-cool things lately. Fill you in on that later. We haven’t told anyone yet. Wasn’t planning on telling my hubby but he apparently knew it before I did. ‘I knew you would get pregnant before we left on vacation’ says he. How is that even possible? Cant sneak anything past that one! The greatest part of this week is that I found two websites: mothersover40 and having-twins.com. Also been reading up about surviving bed-rest as I see that in my immediate future: even before the scan confirmed there are fibroids competing for real estate in my womb with my babies, my ever-so-prescient husband had said: ‘No exercise, no stress, take it easy for the next few months’.  How come that no-no list did not include sex? My libido is at sub-zero! Well, I am adjusting my diet and breaking out the anointing oil. Its ‘back to sender’ (like my Nigerian friends would say) with those fibroids. No way are they going to deprive my babies of space and nutrition in my body. They are illegal squatters.

I really want these babies but I am also worried about all these things like weight gain, high risk conditions, assisted deliveries (all my babies were born natural) and what’s worse, my husband is getting on my last nerve. We were at the hospital to have the pregnancy confirmed and register for ante-natals and would he let me be the center of attention? No-ooo. He had to shove his knee in the Doctor’s face and three hours after I was done, we were still running x-rays and all the female doctors were swooning over his inflamed knee! What does one have to do to get that kind of attention around here? Be an Octogenarian that's pregnant with quadruplets?


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Written by Xylon Vuga

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