A Special Season's Message to the Ladies

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Woman, you are not an accident. You are uniquely designed to be part of a whole, to be a catalyst who starts a family biologically and ideologically and also to ensure the continuation of dynasties. God views you through the eyes of eternity. He regards you generationally. When He called Abraham, He was thinking of the plan He had for the redemption of mankind and was unveiling His plan for those who will live in the homes He had prepared in heaven for His children who were at that time from our temporal perspective, not yet conceived. The probability that you would be born is such a statistical rarity in eternity’s odds that you must be persuaded that you exist by design. You are a piece in a puzzle, a beautiful strand of thread in a complex and magnificent tapestry. On your own you might not be much, but you are a significant part of a whole.

Sister, you are an enabler, a catalyst, a completer, the finest piece of a beautiful collection of art. You have a purpose, a unique function and a destiny that does not begin with you, neither does it end when you die. Long after your remains have rotted in the ground from which it came, you continue in how you affect your progeny. You are an ancestor to generations yet unborn. Your every decision shapes the future of your seed after you. When you were still an incomplete egg in your Mother’s ovary, the piece that was to complete you was hidden by God in your Father’s loins. Long, long before your parents even met, the design for your life existed in God’s heart from the beginning of time.



When you become part of the divine whole for which you were designed, you will find that you are uniquely and specifically fashioned to complete another person. Your quirkiness is a deliberate, well thought out design that complements, builds up and makes perfect the other half of you so that together you and he can become a master-piece in the hands of heaven’s great Artist, doing exploits for His glory!


Excerpt from HELPMEET by Lola Babalola NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!

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