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They had both been married before but this time, she “figured marriage would be easy.”

Each had been divorced for more than two years when they met at work. Both were ambitious, confident, and focused on building careers. And each had a 6-year-old child from a previous marriage:  Jamie, a daughter, Abagayle; Kyle, a son, Gage.

“We had so much fun,” Jamie says, recalling how they would all go riding in Kyle’s prized Jeep. With similar backgrounds and values, and kids who really liked one another, what could go wrong? After dating for eight months, Kyle and Jamie agreed that marriage was the next step. Kyle believed that he had simply chosen the wrong spouse the first time around. His mindset was, “Find that right person and things work out happily ever after.”

But less than a year after exchanging vows, happily-ever-after morphed into an elusive dream. And “so much fun” plummeted into what Jamie described as miserable failure. What happened to all their starry-eyed hopes?

Although things were not good on the home front, both Jamie and Kyle were flourishing at work. She was getting raises and establishing a strong career. Kyle was thrilled when he was chosen for an elite program but it required a lot of travel, which did not thrill Jamie.


To her, when Kyle was away from the house and didn’t have to deal with the kids, he was on a vacation. She resented Kyle leaving her “to go play,” while she had to not only work, but also take care of three kids and a house. “I didn’t know if he really understood what I dealt with when he was gone every month.”

Kyle sensed her disapproval when he came home from out-of-town trainings or when he left the home on his off hours for some type of outdoor adventure. He was the kind of person who expected his wife to be waiting at the door to give him a big hug and kiss. Instead, he felt like Jamie could care less if he was home.


Day after day, Jamie’s actions reminded Kyle of his ex-wife; his life of adventure was being suffocated. And day after day, Jamie felt more and more taken for granted. In the back of her mind, she knew that divorce was always an option. A sense of impending doom hung over their marriage.
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