Good Versus Evil - Rejoinder to A. Stroehlein (Crisisgroup)

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For almost a decade now, the west has been predicting the collapse of Africa’s most populous Country: Nigeria. In his piece, Andrew Stroehlein (Crisisgroup) alludes to this prediction as well: the crumbling Nigerian state.


To the casual observer, the West is simply calling it as it sees it but to those who are students of the signs and times we know that neo-colonialism seeks new forms of plunder. Historically, both the Arab world and the West have preyed on Africa since around 600 AD and 1100 BC respectively. In written memory, Africa has never been free from colonization, only exchanging one master or form of exploitation for another. The scramble for Africa birthed western colonization, when Africans wizened up with western education and fought for independence, neo-colonization emerged.  When we thought we were finally equals in the comity of nations, they came back with globalization (the "open up your economies for optimal decimation" theory).  They ate their fill and when they thought they were done with us, they tossed us the AIDS bomb and sat back to watch the devastation. Believing there was nothing left to plunder, the West retreated and turned its attention to the East but the Asian Tigers took their new-found western prosperity and came to Africa  ostensibly to continue where Europe left off. Of the advent of the Orientals in Africa, the west has said: ‘…And they are less honourable than we are’.  All the same, suddenly the west is interested in Africa again.  However, Africa is now enlightened to the ways of the west, thoroughly schooled and graduated with honors in western deceptions.  Now Africa is challenging the west to compete with the far east for African resources and the west does not like to be challenged. Hence, they must invent new ways to exploit Africa. Enter "aid to fragmented states".


Sudan was the test case: Arabs and the West aligned (wittingly or not) to tear apart a country, so that neo-colonization could continue: the Arabs in the North and the West in the South.  With Sudan in the bag, the unholy alliance sets its sights on the big prize: the Giant-Dwarf of Africa. Like South Sudan, southern Nigeria is where the oil is and it is largely Christian, while the North is believed to be bereft of natural resources. Still struggling to recover from the relics of both western and Arabic colonial agenda, the Muslim North of Africa remains under-educated, under-developed, backwards by western standards and predominantly oppressive. The colonial powers installed a legacy of marginalization for fear that a combination of western education and Islamic influence would birth rebellion, harming western interests in Africa. (This is not hard to imagine: Osama bin Laden the nemesis of America was once a tool of America). Islam continues to feed the legacy of marginalization in Northern Africa through its feudalistic culture.

When the aid agenda was stalled by the global economic crises, Europe determined to upstage Asia’s interests in Africa by drawing on its historical relationship of Oppressor-Oppressed through the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). Leading African Economist and former Governor of Nigeria’s Central Bank, Charles Soludo recently said of the EPA: ”Fragmenting Africa and ramming through deadly trade arrangements… that undermines (sic) internal African integration… and literally [enslaving] the African economy may be smart for Europe in the short-run but not wise in the long term." We will leave that particular riddle to western socio-economic and cultural immigration pundits to decipher.

The powers that be are aligned in a grand plot to re-assign Africa between its familiar foes. Whereas African leaders may be too deeply invested in the business of self-perpetuation and enrichment, the only thing standing between Africa and its global exploiters is the celestial. The West did not reckon with the counsel of God and His interest in Africa's most populous state.  So no, Nigeria will not split up. She is being tossed about so that her faulty foundations can be uprooted and fresh ones laid according to the pattern of the Lord so that she will fulfill the purposes of God in these times.  It is not a matter of “if”, it is a matter of “when” Nigeria rises to take her place, to lead this continent out of mental slavery and all of humanity out of bondage from the spirit of the Oppressor.  The alliance between Babylon and Edom has failed woefully. Every other imagination will be utterly truncated and vanquished!

Last Updated on Monday, 24 August 2015 13:01
Written by Ovie Farraday

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