Horror at Garissa

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2 April 2015

The world awoke to the horror of learning about the massacre at Garissa University College in North-eastern Kenya. Carried out by Somali-based AlShabaab terrorists, the massacre which started out with over 700 hostages taken by five masked men claimed 147 lives, and almost a hundred others were injured.

Garissa has been long known for it's history of violent attacks from Islamic militants who came in from neighboring Somalia and the Christian University was an easy target due to it's poor security and proximity to the border. Eye witnesses said the gun-men killed two security guards to gain access  into the hostel and headed to a prayer meeting where they killed 22 out of the 27 students who were praying there. Next, they woke the sleeping students up and separated the Christians from the Muslims. The Muslims were released, while the Christians were executed on the spot with their faces to the ground.


At the end of the stand-off which lasted 15  hours, four of the gun-men were killed, while a fifth detonated a suicide vest before he could be shot. Three others were arrested on the campus in connection with the attack, as they tried to make their escape from the scene. The Western media has been criticized for its poor coverage of the attack.

Names of the victims are still being compiled and will be updated as they emerge. Among the slain are:

Solomon Oludo (a soldier in the Kenyan Defense Forces)

Doreen “Specialrose” Gakii

Mary Muchiri Shee

Ruth Esiromo

Tonie Wangu

Isaac Kosgey

Lydia Melody Obondi

Erick Ondari Nyabuto

Dadly Mose

Elizabeth Nyangarora

Jeff Macharia





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